Tis The Season

For Garden Porn! Yes, finally, I get to gaze at the pages and pages of glorious descriptions and shiny pictures of next year's potential crops. I LOVE December! Garden porn, Christmas, snow, hot tea, stews and chilis, breads... If only I could grow my vegetables, winter would definitely be my favorite season.

I have JUST placed my seed order with Baker Creek, and I can't even wait for that little package to come in the mail. Truly, I have had these catalogs for a week now, so I have been drooling with out telling you all, and after cleaning out my old, old, very old seeds, it was pretty easy and uncomplicated to pick out the new prospects.

I can almost already taste the first peas and radishes of Spring... They are only 20-24 weeks away...


  1. Drool, I need some catalogs! Who do you recoomend for some simple heritage ones?

  2. I did request the 2 you have in your pic...

    1. Honestly, I only order from Seed Savers and Baker Creek. Seed Savers has WAY more pictures in their catalog, but Bakers has WAY more selection of varieties of plants. So, if you can use your imagination, Baker's is better (IMHO.)

      There is a seed company that I like, Botanical Interests. I found their seed packets in a Whole Foods in Baltimore a year or so ago. They are all heirloom also, but I have not requested a catalog or anything. Maybe I'll run over to their website and do that!