My Christmas Break Project... Maybe...

I was on my favorite website, Pinterest, where I found this awesome looking hutch/island made from old windows...

Cape Cod Kitchen Island

And guess how much  this website wants you to pay for it?! $1300.00!!! I have LOTS of old windows laying around, and I am sure I could fashion a nice top and shelves (maybe not drawers) from old barn lumber I can scavenge from an old barn in my sister's field. And I have paint laying around, and floor stain from when we installed our stair treads.

The question is... Where will I put such a thing???


  1. Shape-wise, it's similar to my TV stand. My stand has adjustable shelves in the middle, rather than drawers, and I put books and stuff on them. With the see through doors, you could display antiques. If you wanted drawers, maybe you could find an old night stand at a thrift shop. Or a multiple drawer dresser that had the smaller drawers on top.

  2. how about in my house? haha
    you will find a place..... too beautiful not to do

  3. Cute! Maybe you could do a smaller side table version if you don't have the room?

  4. VERY cute! Love Pinterest...oh, the ideas that come from there... If you make it, you should definitely write a post about how you did it!

  5. That is so cool! My wife would love it. And there's always places to put stuff. Or sell it for $1,000.00!