Lean Mean Sucking Machine

First off, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I am happy we survived the "apocalypse" and impending doom. The New Year is coming, so in my mind, it is time to get clean!

A couple weeks ago, I ordered my new vacuum, the Shark Navigator Elite Pro Lift-Away Rotator. That was quite the mouthful! So here is my assessment.

First off, the price is insane and I got lucky because I had just sold my textbooks back to Amazon and only actually had to pay $50 for my cleaner. Second, this thing SUCKS! Holy cow! Here is the story... My house hadn't been vacuumed in nearly a week because my old cleaner died. I borrowed my friends cleaner so that I would have a clean house for our Christmas eve brunch. I was truly amazed at how much even that thing sucked out of my carpets. Really, I was amazed. So then my NEW cleaner was delivered right after brunch, and my sister and I could NOT WAIT to try it out. Being girls of the house, that is what we do... Clean...

Anyhow, I was AMAZED at how much hair and gray nasty dirt it pulled out of my carpet even just the day after I had pulled out what seemed like 20 pounds of nastiness. I feel so clean! I wish I had before and after pictures of my furniture, but I got into the zone and did not want to be bothered by it. The thing about this vacuum is, is that the whole unit comes off of the upright base and can be placed onto a caddy for wand vacuuming. This is what I did to clean the furniture, as all the reviews said the machine would topple over if you use the wand without the caddy. I did not want to chance breaking my new sucker, so I followed the recommendations. The pet hair attachment is awesome! Not only did it suck all the blonde cat hair off of my dark blue chairs, it also sucked off those annoying "cat prints" they inevitably leave around due to cat litter (yes, I know it's gross, but my cats are awesome so get over it.)

So, my overall opinion? This thing is amazing. The filters are cleanable, the hose is long, the attachments are great, the power cord is super long, and OH! It is QUIET!!!! I can't believe how quiet it is in comparison to other vacuums. Hubby, who hates loud noises and would literally go outside while I cleaned the floors can not sit at his laptop and work without being driven completely insane.

So, yes, you should should buy this vacuum Carolyn. I know you need a good sucking machine!


  1. I got a different one last month, loud, but it sucks:)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation.....I really need a good cat-hair-sucker!!