Kitting is Hard

So tonight, I go my very first set of knitting needles (regular, double pointed, and those ones that make round stuff) and some yarn. I watched several videos on YouTube, and successfully cast on my first row, then knitted some very ugly rows.

I don't really know what happened, but I ended up with some very large loops hanging off the end of the rows, and some how I had some extra loops on my needles... I know this will come better with practice, but OY it is hard!

I am determined to learn, and Hubby has already requested a hat...

I wish I had a mentor!


  1. I started learning knitting then ended up having a hissyfit and then went to crochet. But I would REALLY love to know how to knit. Can you imagine knitting your own socks?!? I mean, how cool is that? Making your own frekking SOCKS!!

    Actually, I'm pretty lucky. There's a cancer survivor group that I visit (no, I don't/didn't have cancer, but they like "younger" people to come in and socialize with everyone) and they have "Chatting Needles" every Wednesday and that's where I learned to crochet. I've been meaning to go back to have someone mentor me on knitting, but haven't done it yet :(

    Have you tried any of the yarn stores or quilt stores or crafty places like that? They usually have a group that meets at the stores, sometimes for free (hoping to get you to buy their yarn while you're there).

    Good luck!

    Oh, and don't we get to see the first knitting project?!

  2. Good Luck! I've never got brave enough to try.

  3. If you were roadtripping to NY, I could get you going in an instant...but let's see what I can do..

    1. what size are the circular needles?
    2. what size yarn do you have to work with?

  4. If the answers to the first two questions are OK, then we move on to this good video:


  5. If you are close enough to a town sometimes the library will have knitting classes. Even yarn shops have classes.
    Sometimes it takes a good class to get you going then you can opt for the fancy stitches from YouTube.
    I made my first ALL COTTON dish cloths. If you live in a cold enviornment your skills for knitted goods are in greater demand. Yarn is easier to buy online than material.
    Good luck
    My new site pic is up. I will be adding my crafts in a week.