Is Ignorance Bliss?

So, this morning whilst watching the news and hearing about Hostess's baker strike and now announced shut down and liquidation, I stumbled upon this article about turkey abuse at Butterball Farms in North Carolina. Included in the article is This Video that is an undercover, Food Inc type video of the turkey abuse. Now, for those that are aware, animal abuse is fairly common in the industrial food system, so this really is nothing new, but disturbing all the same...

It is a good thing to be aware of everything you eat and the effort (or anti effort?) that goes into making it... But sometimes I wish I didn't know any better...


  1. Bless the beast and the children... for in the world they have no voice, they have no choice...

    it is WE who MUST stand up for them~

    thnxxx for posting this

  2. I didn't see the video, but can imagine what happens there. I do wish, however, that people were shown how factory farms were run. Why did schools stop doing field trips like that? I bet there would be a lot more vegetarians, people would be more grateful for their meat (knowing that something actually DIED and it's not just "meat" on that styrofoam tray) and I'm sure small family farms would get a lot more business.

    Although there's probably smaller family farms that abuse their livestock as well. It's just sad that animal abuse happens because it really DOESN'T have to happen. Factory farm or family farm.

    Having said that, I am just as guilty as eating mega-store stuff. Our factory-farmed turkey this week for our early Family Thanksgiving was from the grocery store. But we do what we can.

    And no, you don't wish you were ignorant on the fact and you know it. Knowledge is power. Even if it's uncomfortable or icky. Unless of course, you mean ignorance is bliss when it comes to big tv stars; then I'm glad I'm ignorant! :)

  3. I struggle with "is ignorance bliss" ALL the time. Especially when you factor in that the information you're getting depends GREATLY on who is giving it to you. I am pretty out of the loop on most things (like i didn't know about Hostess) and sometimes when I hear about things I have to weigh in whether or not it benefits me to know about those things and if I can do anything about them. Sometimes we can, but sometimes we seriously can't. I mean, on a large scale. You know what I mean? Sigh...this is something I struggle with a lot. GREAT post!