Chicken Coop Redo 2012

So, the other day I promised you a post about redoing the chicken coop... The building stayed the same, but we moved things around to make it more spacious and easier to access. We also covered the run, so that the girls have a dry, wind-free place to hang out. First off, a shot of how the coop used to be...

The set up worked very well for a long time, but we were trying to figure out how to incorporate a flower pot stand for the water, as we want to figure out a way to keep the water from freezing... We came up with keeping a lightbulb turned on in an overturned flower pot (project details to come, as that part isn't finished yet.)

Anyways, here is the new set up.....
The nesting boxes are right next each other, and we placed some plywood over the top to keep the poo from falling into the boxes... It really is no fun washing your eggs to get the poo off... Gross in fact... The feeder hangs from a chain and there is plenty of room for the water. Although I forgot to take a picture of that, I can ensure you it is mighty fine looking.

The girls are a little confused though, because yesterday they laid eggs literally in the middle of the coop, rather than in the nesting boxes. I am sure this will work itself out, but i just tells me that they feel safe and secure in their house. I guess that is the silver lining!

Oh! And we got a new timer for the heat lamp. Last year we had a digital model, and honestly it was a huge pain in the arse! This year we got a simple, easy to set, non-digital one, and it works great. The girls will have lamp heat and light from 4 am - 7 am. I don't know what you philosophies are on supplemental lighting, but I am all for it. I like my eggs! And it gives the girls some nice warmth in which to clean their feathers without losing too much body heat.
And of course the run is now covered and dry :)
We also weatherized the coop window, but I don't seem to have a picture of that, and since it is cold and snowing, you will just have to take my word for it that is looks great :)

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