A Great Weekend!

I thought after my last post, and the depression and soul searching it brought, I needed to post something happy! Hubby and I have had a great weekend, and it only gets better!

Yesterday, we went to volunteer with his Rotary Club to hand out Thanksgiving dinners to families in need, then we stocked up on fruit and veggies at The West Side Market. Then, he went to work for a couple of hours while I made a total God-forsaken mess in the kitchen cinnamon rolls and bread starter. Then, we had a date night... Out for dinner because our kitchen is still a total freakin mess and then we went and saw the new movie Lincoln (which was totally awesome by the way!)

Today, I will be cleaning the house and then going out for lunch with some girlfriends and then to see the final Twilight movie. Don't judge.... Ok judge, but I am going to see it anyways!


  1. Yay for fun weekends!!!
    Yay for cinnamon rolls!!!
    Yay for snowcaps & popcorn & friends & cheezy teenager vampire movies!

  2. cinamon rolls.... yummmmmmmmmmmmm
    I cannot wait to see Lincoln!