You Never Know When a Chicken Will Save You...

Or your cell phone! So today I must have dropped my cell phone out of my pocket because I was looking for it all day! And I mean hours... Like 5 or 6!

So just know, four little kids from down the street brought me my phone telling me they found it in the street. How did they know it was my phone? Because the little boy said he was looking through my pictures and saw the chickens and knew where they lived, so it must be my phone!

Although, never overestimate the kindness of children... Angel was going to keep the phone, but his big sister made him bring it back!


  1. How funny!
    Kid1: Hey, I found a cell phone and there are some chicken pictures on it!
    Kid2: Oh gawd, it must be that wacky chicken-lady across the street. Better give it back or she'll butcher you or something.

    1. Oh my gawd, for some reason my "crazy chicken lady" status had slipped my mind... You are probably totally right!