Power is Back On!

The power is back, and really it wasn't so bad. It only ended up being out for just over 12 hours. No biggie. Our freezers are so stocked that I doubt they even noticed the lack of electricity. But it sure felt great to take a shower! Unfortunately I was already at work for the day, so I didn't get my shower until tonight, but again, no biggie.

The wind has really died down, we are still getting gusts, but all is well. We didn't have any damage here in our neighborhood, but as I was driving around the 'burbs, I couldn't stop myself from slowing down and looking in awe at all the downed trees. BIG trees. The kind that take out power lines and such. I feel really terrible for those whose power will take longer to restore.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, and I send them all back out to everyone out East, especially Tami and Bonnie. I hope you gals are OK! From the pictures I have seen online and Facebook, it looks like everyone out there got pretty beat up.