No Spend Month October

Ok, I have never done this before, but all the bloggers out there (at least it seems like all) are doing a no spend month inspired by Erica over at Northwest Edible Life, and as I am never one who liked being left out of anything, I am also participating. You can read all about the rules over there, so I am going to just put down my budget, included items, and exempt items. I really got a smack in the face when Husband told me that the only thing he puts on our credit card (used for EVERYTHING we purchase, and is paid off every month so don't worry about the credit card trap) is his gas. That means that everything else spent on there is by ME. Holy friggin crap. I need to cut back. ASAP. So here goes!!!

Budget: $400

Exempt Items:
Regular household bills - Mortgage, utilities, insurance (home and car), car payments
Gas - Husband cannot help what he spends on gas. It's just not that kind of job. To counter that, I am fortunate enough to have a boss that pays for a fair share of gas in exchange for child transport.
Dog Stuff - We are dog sitting, and the money spent is minimal. Plus, I am happy to do it.
Medical Expenses such as prescriptions, appointments, etc. 
I am also going to exempt cat food and litter. They eat what they eat, and poop where they poop... That is that.

Included Items:
Everything else - stuff from Target, groceries (including supplies for our harvest party), dining out, books, online purchases, fun activities, nights out on the town, football game food, beer, and all other miscellaneous purchases.

So, all of this means that I need to be infinitely more conscious of what we are eating, at home and out. I need to make sure that we have dinners at home, rather than going out. Currently, Husband and I only spend about 4 nights per week together, and I probably only make dinner twice, which means that we are eating whatever we can find, either in the house or out. That is a big part of our budget no-no's.  I also need to make sure that we have stuff for lunches available such as meats and cheese for sandwiches, and fruit on hand for ease of use.

Maybe you think my budget is a lot, but I can assure you, it is a significantly small amount in comparison to what we I mindlessly spend every month. I am really REALLY going to try and be conscious about what I spend, and I plan on writing everything down. And who knows, maybe this month will go so well, I can keep my spending under 400, or 300, or day I even say 200?!

**Post update** After looking at what I spent already, and it is only October 2, there is no way I will stay below $200 for the month. But I really really did have to treat my best friend to brunch for her birthday. Sorry, but it had to be done. 


  1. You go girl!
    I did a no grocery month last year and made it without much crying. It's amazing how much stuff you can come up with using your garden / pantry foods (assuming you keep a pantry) if you commit yourself to using what you have ON HAND. I sure did clean out the freezer & all those "wow, what's in that container in the freezer?" things.
    If it makes you feel any better, last year's no spend month I bought a dog house the first day....but it was a STEAL at $12 and I couldn't resist. I think I also went out to lunch with the gals, but it was already planned.
    Good luck, and we'll all complain together on our blogs this month :)

  2. It's always educational to see what we actually spend money on...

  3. Awesome! Great job, I am excited to have you joining in! On friday I am putting up a roundup post where I ask bloggers who are doing No Spend to pinp their own site on my blog. I hope you'll jump over to http://www.nwedible.com and link back to your site from mine so the community of people who's doing this can get support from multiple angles! Good luck, you can do this!

  4. Awesome, great job! On friday I'm doing a one-week wrap up + a call for bloggers, so I hope you will visit www.nwedible.com and leave a link to your site. I really think the more we can have a whole community thing going with this the better it will be for everyone.
    Thanks for joining in - you can totally do this! :)