Larder Assessment

So let me just say first, the Harvest Party was a total success. Even though I made WAY too much food (I always have and always will) everyone had a great time, and the weather couldn't have been better!

So after that was all over, I got to work organizing and assessing my larder in preparation for my beef. I used the downloadables created by Erica over at NW Edible Life, and got myself set up. I cleaned up the freezer downstairs, and I believe I have space for 3 cases of beef... What I will do with the other 2 (last year we got 5 cases, so that is my basic plan) I have no idea... I mean, last year we had to have a party just so we could close the freezer... I need to work on us eating out of the freezer over the next 2 weeks so that I can move stuff around again and have room... Oy vay....

But getting organized really felt awesome. I took stock of all the canned goods, all the extraneous stuff (coffee, cereal, pasta, oils, etc) in my back pantry/kitty room as well as the freezer downstairs (all meat, a few veg - corn, beans, pureed pumpkin) AND the freezer upstairs (all veg, fruit, crockpot dinners for easy access).
Upstairs Freezer


Downstairs Freezer... It is so hard to get a good shot of chest freezers... But you get the idea...


  1. I DREAD taking stock of the pantry. I just know that we have WAY too much stuff in the bottom of the freezers that I can't get to, nor have any idea what IS down there.

    Have you thought about doing some pressure canning with the beef? I've pressure canned stew cuts of venison before and it's GREAT to have on hand in a jar to just dump into a pot, warm up and serve over mashed potatoes or with dumplings. Or even go one step farther and make some beef-filled chili and can those? It is time consuming, but you may not have much choice if you've run out of freezer space!

    1. I never even THOUGHT of pressure canning it... Do you have any good recipes?

  2. Here are my two attempts at canning meat:



    Both tasted fine. I didn't add anything at all to the chicken, maybe a clove of garlic or a pinch of salt would give it a bit more *umph*.

    Oh, and we're all still alive!