What a Week

Just a little caveat, I sometimes use this blog to vent my troubles. Today is one of those days.

So, my Momma had planned a family vacation, the first one in many, MANY years. It was supposed to kick off on Friday. Well, let's just say, obviously, we are NOT in the Outerbanks right now.

First, my brother got sick and had to be hospitalized. Long story, and no, I won't be typing the short version. Second, B-I-L Row Family Farmer Extraordinaire's gramma passed away (the new plan was to be that the Fabulous Row Family Farmers were going to come here for a long weekend starting on Wednesday.) THEN Husband and I got sic, so I was obligated to tell my sister because her family is so prone to illness it is stupid. So that is now cancelled.

I don't know what in the hell would have happened down there if we HAD gone on vacation, but the universe must be telling us that there is no rhyme or reason to go on vacation. In the words of my sister, this week has just been shit-tastic (feel free to use that word when you have no way to describe a truly crappy situation.)


  1. That's exactly the reason we never plan to go anywhere on vacation any more. Sure as hell, we'd spend a ton of money and one or both of us would get sick and not be able to enjoy it. Of course, being old and retired, with us life is a vacation. Get well, OK?

  2. Sorry to hear about your cancelled trip! That's a bummer(: Hope you can reschedule...

  3. What a drag. Sorry for your troubles. We'd take some of them from you if we could. Email me your address and we'll send you a bottle of homemade wine!