The last of the Garden

Well, I think I am declaring Garden 2012 over and done. This morning I went out, in the sprinkling rain, to let the chickens out, and decided I might as well just have a little picking. I got some hot peppers, 2 eggplant, 2 sweet peppers, and to my surprise, BEANS.

 Now, Husband and I declared the beans a failure several weeks ago because we hadn't gotten any all summer. This morning, I went out and picked probably 1/2 peck of beans. Of course, since we were neglecting the bean pole, they were mostly overgrown and will probably be too tough to enjoy. But I picked 'em anyway just to say that the beans this year weren't a total loss. I thought I had decided NOT to grow beans next year, but maybe I will try again... I will just have to make sure and keep the chickens OUT of them so I don't have to do a second late planting.

I am hoping this weekend to get everything pulled out (except the kales, cabbages, and peppers) because nothing else is producing. I have had tiny little green tomatoes for weeks now, and the tomatoes in the side yard are LONG past due to be destroyed. Damn blight...

On the chicken front, I have almost 2 dozen eggs in the fridge, so I better get on that this weekend also. I am thinking pasta with greens and pumpkin sauce. Mmmm!!!! We are still waiting for our other 2 girls to start laying and I am especially eager for our Americauna to start laying. I want to see what color eggs we get. Although, who knows... Maybe they are laying eggs in the yard and I am just too neglectful to notice... I think I am going to go take a second stroll around the garden....


  1. The end of the garden always makes me a little sad. :( Ok, a lot sad. But hey! Beans! Surprise! :)

    1. This year, I am not that sad... I mean, a little sad, but given my groundhog problems, blight, and other various things, I am definitely ready for this year to be done.