Magic Soap

Ok, after having a Pinterest attack, I discovered "magic soap." Magic soap is blue Dawn dish soap (it has to be the blue one... I dont know why it is special, but it really is amazing stuff) and white vinegar, in a 1-1 ratio. I keep my magic soap in a mason jar, but I imagine putting it in a spray bottle would be awesome for cleaning your shower and such.

What did I clean first with my magic soap? My stove. I got cooked on spots off of there that have been there for years. What did I do next? Sprinkled some baking soda on the oven door and put on my magic soap and mixed it together to make something that looked like shaving cream... Now let me tell you, I have not cleaned my oven door (the glass) since we bought our stove 5 years ago, so you can imagine the baked on mess.

I let the mixture sit for like, and hour or so, and then I took to it with a scrubby sponge. That wasn't doing the trick... So what does any determined gal do? Take to it with the 5in1. As I sat on the floor scraping the door, Hubby said, I don't think that is one of the intended purposes of a 5in1... Maybe it is a 6in1???

Really, I should have taken a picture of this magic awesomeness, but naturally in my cleaning frenzy, the camera was far from my mind... 

Either way, make yourself some magic soap and clean clean clean!


  1. Haha! Stuck on Pinterest!

    I went on a Pinterest kick about a month ago, but luckily it has subsided a little.

    Will have to try the magic soap, although if you saw the glass on MY stove, I may need some extra-special-sparkly-heathen-magick soap.

    1. Well, I did have to take the 5 in 1 to the glass if that makes you feel any better...

  2. Two of the best things: Magic soap, and anything found on Pinterest. LOVE!!!!

  3. Magick Soap!! Love it, and will have to try it. I have one of those kind of stoves too...especially bad after canning all summer.

  4. MAGIC SOAP?? hmmmm sounds way cool.. will have to try!