It's All in the Details

So I was at Trader Joe's today, and you know what? They have really great prices. Anyways, as I was roaming the aisles, I realized what I loved about everything in the store was the packaging. I was almost tempted to by pumpkin butter and then I remembered, Hey Idiot! You have 150 pounds of pumpkin to deal with! It was just soooo pretty....

Anyone have any good ideas on how to make canning jars pretty without using stick on labels? I hate the residue that is left over from that nonsense. Maybe tags of some sort?? I think I need to go get creative with my computer.... Move over Martha, here I come!


  1. I like to make gift tags and attach them with the stretchy string or ribbons. It looks really cute but it does not take very long!

  2. Use round labels for the top, and keep the screw bands on to hold the non-sticky label on. Or little gift-tag type things, hold the string down with the band. Only problem is that you'd have to keep the bands on all the stuff and people usually take the bands off when storing their canned goods.

    Looking for some more ideas myself.....I HATE sticky sticker stuff sticking to the jars!

  3. I found some cute labels in the $1.oo in Target and I put them on the lids too. I hate the sticky junk... Or you could use pinking shears/scissors and cute out round toppers from fabric...

  4. I keep asking Trader Joes to move here! I shopped at the 1st one when we lived in Portland, OR years ago. Now they're all over that city. I keep writing and asking them, but I'm on "ignore"...