We got our first egg! I don't care if you are a chicken veteran, but getting your first egg from a new batch of ladies is a mighty fine feeling! I am fairly confident that the egg came from Blackie, our Barred Rock. She has always been bigger than the other girls, and she has the most developed comb.

Happy Day!

**Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I am still sick, and just cannot seem to shake this cold. It has like, taken over my body and I am full of aches and creeks 24/7. It really doesn't help my arthritis much. And Jody, thanks for the offer! I will send you an email shortly, but only if you are serious!


  1. Yay for the egg! And are you seriously wearing long sleeves?? Good god, its still over 100 here.

  2. Congrats! My 2 newer girls are finally laying!

  3. Yay for fresh eggs! They're allowing "test chickens" here in Lakewood for a few lucky people... I'm hoping that it all gets approved, and that someday we'll be finding our own eggs. :-)