Already Planning for Next Year

I know, I know... I was not even close to being the last person to say that I was ready for the 2012 gardening season to be over... But last night, Husband and I were outside thinking about next years garden. We decided it was time to get honest about what we need and don't need to grow next year. Here are the basic decisions...

Home Garden:
More - tomatoes, kale, cabbages, peas, beans, beets, carrots
Less - peppers (cut in half and no sweet peppers at all), eggplant (only like, 2 plants... seriously)
Keep the same - cucumbers, garlic, zucchini
None at all - lettuce (it all went to the chickens anyhow) strawberries (my basket idea was a big fail), broccoli, brussels (after the groundhog attacks, the broccoli never really produced, and my brussels never even formed)

Down at the farm:
More - butternut and acorn squashes
Less - pumpkins

Decorative Stuff:
Rip our the blueberries (they died anyways) and replace with a new hydrangea so the front steps will be beautifully framed
Figure out a way to get the hanging baskets to hold on to water better... Maybe lining them with plastic before adding dirt?


  1. I'm actually revieiwing things too, and ready for winter :) It was so incredibly HOT here and I got so sick of watering, and the really late harvest...

  2. I'm all for MORE butternut squash. I didn't get in any this year and I'm sooooo upset about it. But, I DID have a butternut squash with dinner about a week ago. From LAST year's crop!! Those things ROCK when it comes to long term storage. Got to do a post about that....remind me, will ya? :)

  3. Gardening is addictive. I'm thinking about the garden for next year too.