Harvest Monday - Catching up Part 1

These numbers are for the last 2 weeks, as I completely slacked off in blogging last week.

Tomatoes - 28lb 9oz
Eggplant - 5lb 4oz
Cucumbers - 9lb 1oz
Peppers - 4lb 14oz
Garlic (FINALLY got them all trimmed and weighed!) - 8lb 13oz!

Annual Total - 152 lb 9 oz!!!!
Eggs - 0

Now what, you may ask, did I do with all of the tomatoes? Well, they most of them, last week, went through the Victorio, and out of 12 quarts of juice, we ended up canning 4 quarts of sauce.... Yeah... Very anticlimactic in my opinion. Next year, I will be canning whole tomatoes as I feel more emotionally stable about it, like I get more out of my harvest... We also made a batch of barbecue sauce using up some of the peppers and 5 more pounds of tomatoes. All we have left on the tomato front are a few big yellow slicing tomatoes and a bowl full of cherry tomatoes.

The cucumbers were shot to hell as I don't think I could make another batch of pickles for fear of insanity. I also pulled out the zucchini plant because if I see another zucchini, I may have to throw it at oncoming cars with open windows to try and give them away. So, the leftover zukes and cukes went to some very gracious (but not egg laying) chickens. 


  1. I didn't grow any cucumbers last year for the exact reason you are tossing zukes into open car windows. There always seems to be somebody that has a billion of them they want to give away. I'm going to see if I can get a few of my friends to commit to a specific vegetable next year so not all of us have six hundred seventy pounds of cucumbers/zukes/tomatoes each day.

  2. Nice job with the garlic! You'll have all you need for the entire year. You won't forget to save a couple bulbs for the new planting season. Right? I'm reminding myself, because I still need to separate a few bulbs for myself.