Harvest Monday - Catching up Part 1

These numbers are for the last 2 weeks, as I completely slacked off in blogging last week.

Tomatoes - 28lb 9oz
Eggplant - 5lb 4oz
Cucumbers - 9lb 1oz
Peppers - 4lb 14oz
Garlic (FINALLY got them all trimmed and weighed!) - 8lb 13oz!

Annual Total - 152 lb 9 oz!!!!
Eggs - 0

Now what, you may ask, did I do with all of the tomatoes? Well, they most of them, last week, went through the Victorio, and out of 12 quarts of juice, we ended up canning 4 quarts of sauce.... Yeah... Very anticlimactic in my opinion. Next year, I will be canning whole tomatoes as I feel more emotionally stable about it, like I get more out of my harvest... We also made a batch of barbecue sauce using up some of the peppers and 5 more pounds of tomatoes. All we have left on the tomato front are a few big yellow slicing tomatoes and a bowl full of cherry tomatoes.

The cucumbers were shot to hell as I don't think I could make another batch of pickles for fear of insanity. I also pulled out the zucchini plant because if I see another zucchini, I may have to throw it at oncoming cars with open windows to try and give them away. So, the leftover zukes and cukes went to some very gracious (but not egg laying) chickens. 


Oh, Hello Nice Weather, Thanks for Showing Up!

So, I didn't even want to talk about this, for fear of jinxing it... This weather is AWESOME. For the last 3 days, it has been sunny, breezy, cool (70-75) and just freakin AWESOME. I don't know if this means an end to summer, but I am feeling pretty confident, since we are about to enter September and all, that the nasty, ridiculously hot weather is behind us. I am sure we will get some random hot days, but nothing like it has been this summer.

Thank You Mother Nature!!! We all needed a break from the heat!!!!


Squash Squash Squash

Ok, so last weekend (yes, this is over due) I went down to th farm to check on the progress of everything, and it all looks great! Our pumpkins and winter squashes are really coming along, and hopefully, if all goes well, we will have a great bounty of squash for the winter.

Also... I harvested some melons and summer squash (from my FIL's patch) that was on the verge of un-edibility. The melons are great, and we can't eat them fast enough, so someof them will be going into the freezer for smoothies, but those baseball bats from hell squash... I am so sick of summer squash. I don't want to eat it, cook it, look at it... I mean, how much can 2 people eat??? I still have some shredded zucchini in the fridge waiting to be made into quick bread (I probably have enough for 6 more loves) and honestly, how much squash bread do 2 people need????

I even tried pawning some off on the total stranger that did our appraisal the other day... Maybe I will hit up the new neighbor, and if that doesn't work, I will have to start sneaking them into unlocked cars in the middle of the night.... Oy vay!



Ok, so the house next door, the one with the messy people, has been a little shady lately... The people that lived there said they were going on vacation for a week, could we water the plants? Sure, no problem. 2 weeks go by and they finally return... Only to vanish again a day or two later. Then some guy moves in, who turns out to be pretty nice, and within the first 2 days, the YARD IS CLEANED. All the weeds were pulled, grass was mowed, you can actually see the brick patio again, and needless to say, there are a TON of trash bags.

The weird thing about all this is, is the old tenants left all of their furniture and everything, and the new guy is just throwing it all out. I mean, who moves and leaves all their stuff behind??? Sounds shady to me, but whatever. I am just happy they moved on.

And the other thing... Like, 4 weeks or so before they moved, they bought some chickens from the urban farm store. They left those behind too... The neighbor on the other side of them, so 2 houses from us, takes care of the chickens, so it isn't like they are being neglected, but I think the whole thing is just weird.

But at this point, I don't even care. I am just happy there is someone in the house that is going to take care of it instead of letting it go to pot.


Harvest Monday

I have no idea if I took any pictures of any of the harvests, but you all know what tomatoes look like. So here are my numbers for the week...

Cukes - 2 lb 9 oz
Zukes - 1 lb 2 oz (I think this is probably the last week for them, as I will be pulling out the diseased plant this week sometime...)
Kale - 10 oz
Garlic - 3 oz (I need to get these cleaned up and weighed and stored this week also...)
Tomatoes - 10 lb 11 oz (Hubby is super excited to use the Victorio this week!!!)

Annual Total - 96 lb 13 oz (Almost over 100!!!)
Eggs - 0

Thank You Daphne over at Daphne's Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday!!!


Lessons in Frugality - Clean Your Closet!

If you, like me, used to be a fancy gal, you probably have a collection of nice things. I collected Coach bags. I am hoping to sell these fancy bags for a decent profit either on Craigslist, eBay, or to my unsuspecting family that is still fancy. Hopefully this will give us some extra cash for our upcoming vacation (more to come on that later) and it will also give us some closet space for our not-so-fancy clothing, like this... (Ok, there was supposed to be a link there to a photo of me in my awesome coveralls, but uh, Blogger decided it doesn't want to show pictures from last year...)

So, if you are a fancy gal, and you want to buy a purse or two, or ten, just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to toss some pictures back at ya!


Harvest Monday

The tomatoes are really starting to come in, and I hope I will be canning in the next few days/weeks. Speaking of canning, I put up another 15 quarts of pickles, hawked 2 off on my sister, so that brings our total to 22 quarts. What the heck am I gonna do with all of those??? I mean, no real family eats that many pickles in a year, do they? I mean, we don't really have a choice now.... I also put up another 5 gallon bags of chopped chard and kale. That will be soooo good in soups and stews and with roast chicken come fall. I can't wait for fall!

Everything else has been good, I think the zucchini are pretty much done, I picked the last one I could see this morning, and the plant really looks like hell. So, if I get more, great, if not, oh well. I have enough. The eggplant, of course, are still coming. I need to work on that this week also.

This week should be good! Finals are over, so I can dedicate some much needed time in the garden instead of at my desk.

This Week:
Cucumbers - 5 lb 12 oz
zucchini - 2 lb 4 oz
tomatoes - 10 lb 15 oz
eggplant - 1 lb 12 oz
broccoli - 5 oz (side shoots)
chard - 1 lb
kale - 2 lb 7 oz

Annual Total - 81 lb 10 oz
Eggs - 0 (will these girls ever start laying eggs???)

Thanks Daphne over at Daphne's Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday!


Know Your Farmer, Purchase Local

Yet another reason why I only buy meat products from people I trust. And the facilities in which my meat is processed.

19 Tons of Beef Recalled


Drowning in Eggplant

I don't know what is with this year, but I have a crap-ton of eggplant... Ok, that is a lie. I know exactly what is different... The eggplant are not being shaded and drowned by tomatoes. BUT I have no idea what to do with them!!! Do any of you have some good recipes for eggplant? I mean, besides breaded with tomato sauce or roasted and whipped into dip.... Or how about preserving? Does anyone preserve their eggplant?

On another note, I think I am going to lose my zucchini plant. It is really succumbing to mildew, as are the cucumbers. But I am ok with that really... I have enough zukes to keep us in bread for at least 6 months, and I am probably going to get another 8 or 9 quarts of pickles with the cukes I have in the fridge...