Walk About the Garden

Arial for July

Tomato Alley (All 10 plants are Amish paste) - Looking good these days! This year I am doing the "Florida weave" method of support... It is working, but next year, I am investing in concrete reinforcement stuff and I am making cages

Amish Paste Tomatoes

Pepper Bed

Going to harvest this soon!

Zucchini.... I am using Jeff's (EG) idea of using an inverted tomato cage to keep it contained... I think this works, but you really must maintain it EVERYDAY... As you can see, I have not...


Baby eggplant! It looks kind of like a dirty suggestion right now, but soon, it will look normal


Chickens! I love the shot I got here of Big Red... Hilarious!

Brassica Bed


  1. Can you describe the "Florida weave" method of support? Looks very green!

    1. It is a weaving thing done between stakes and using garden twine... It is used a lot by commercial growers and in greenhouses. It really is the best for determinate tomatoes, but I thought I would give it a shot before investing in the huge roll of mesh stuff... Here is a decent link that talks about it...


  2. Everything looks good. I grow Amish Paste tomatoes last year, and had success. They get heavy. I didn't plant any this year, I went with the Roma. The Amish Paste are great for salsa, sauces and slicers.