Trapped Like Rats

Trapped in the only air conditioned room we have that is... We are now on like, day 10 or so, of our heat advisory. Not to mention the fire advisory... Speaking of that, just so you all know, our house did NOT burn down due to fireworks last night. Actually, we had so many cops around, there was no chance of them happening. Everyone in the neighborhood kept a relatively low profile, and it was decently quiet, but enough street traffic to keep it fun. So it turned out to be a nice, calm, normal 4th of July. Thank gawd!

So anyways, our actual temps haven't so bad (between 80-98 over the last few and next few days) but the heat index is raising them to feel about 10-15 degrees hotter than it actually is. And truly, I am thankful for the rain we have gotten in the last 3 days, but the humidity is about right below actually raining and it is starting to really get to me. I am getting kind of bitchy...

So I don't know about the rest of the country, but those storms that ripped through Ohio a week ago really messed stuff up. I am happy to report that Mama and my Sister FINALLY have power back... They were getting by using generators, but gawd that was expensive. So, day 8, and they have power again.

On the garden front, all of this rain has really made stuff shoot up up UP! I will have to take some pictures over the next few days... The chickens and cats are fairing well, no one has died yet, and they are all laying low and sleeping a lot. We have been changing the chicken water every day, and they drink a ton of it too, and putting ice in the kitty water. Everyone is not eating as much, but that is normal I guess... For now, we will be trapped like rats in our only air conditioned room...

Oy vay...

I hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated!


  1. Stay cool! I have put pans of ice or wate in front of fans (with no A/C) it helps. I'm grateful I do have A/C now, as it's supposed to hit 100 this weekend BUT atleast it's a dry heat!

  2. We only lost the grid for two days. Your cartoon is comical!