Farm Check

Last weekend (yeah, this post is a little slow coming...) we went down to the farm to check on the progress of our squashes and pumpkins, do some mowing, weeding and tilling, and watering of course. Hubby and his dad installed rain barrels a few weeks ago, but left the valve open, so no water was collected and we then had to steal water from the cemetery. They don't mind though, we always give a donation. Hopefully, we wont have to do that anymore. ANYWAYS, the plants are all doing great! Their size is admirable considering they were started from seeds, and started late. We will go down again in another couple of weeks, and see if everything is still alive...
Hubby's dad, giving a reminder tutorial on how to use the mower....

view from the barn, my FIL's stuff - canteloupe, summer squash, winter squash

Our stuff, getting to be overgrown with weeds - this is after I weeded

pumpkin plant

tilling the grass under yet again

The plants all looked a little pathetic after the tilling, but we watered, and hopefully we didn't kill them all...

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  1. Ahhh, visiting the farm is wonderful isn't it? I know this sounds odd, but I wish we could till our ground.....too many rocks to do that. I miss soil :(

    Oh, dare I ask if the barn kitty is still hanging around?