Another Project

Really, I do this to myself... I have an affinity for old junk. Our neighbor Bianca got new garage doors, so naturally, I went over and asked if I could have the old doors...
I have 4 of these bad boys... And dang are they huge... 4 x 7.5 ft and SUPER heavy... But all the glass is in tact, just need to replace some trim to keep the windows in their slots.

So far, I have gotten exactly 1 half of 1 door done, and it took me all freakin day. Scraping, sanding, priming, and painting. I really am thinking of keeping the "backs" original, as they will be against the wall anyhow.
I plan on placing 2 of them next to each other to make a head board for the guest room. One of them, the bottom really sucks, like, so badly that I can't fix it, so I am going to cut it off and make a ginormous picture frame thing out of the windows. As for the 4th one, I really have no idea... I am sure I will come up with something awesome...


  1. Admittedly, that was a great score....even though it means more work for ya. You'll have to post pics of the headboard when you've finished with it. I've always wanted to do a headboard using old doors or shutters.

    1. I will post a pic for sure... Hopefully I will have this done in the next 10 days... I think I am going to make a tab on the blog for projects...

  2. I love that kind of stuff! I bought an old window, with some of the glass missing, for $10.00. It's in my dining room, with photos in the "holes". Looks great and I love the chippy paint!

  3. personally... they are rockin awesome

    my bedroom will be awesome with the new headboard :)

    hugs pea pod