Whoops! Harvest Monday!

I didn't link up to Daphne over at Daphne's Dandelions this week because, well, it is Tuesday! Whoops! I've been so busy with chickens and groundhogs lately that I have been neglecting the blog slightly. And the garden. BUT we have been getting our first harvests over the last couple of weeks, so here they are! Lettuce, garlic scapes, and peas. Peas Peas Peas! I love peas! I want to grow like, 5 times as much next year. Where will I put it? I have no flippin clue.
1 pound of lettuce this week! I have never really been able to actually grow lettuce very well, so I am very proud!
4 lb, 3 oz so far of peas... One more harvest to go!
Scapes! Finally! The total harvest has been about 1.5 pounds... I have way more than this picture shows. I think I am going to do a scape pesto with all of my extra....
Garden Total: 6 lb 11 oz
Eggs: 0

And of course I can't leave you without seeing a truly adorable picture of sleepy chickens...


  1. wow.. the lettuce is beautiful! those chicks are so cute~~ nice colors

  2. That lettuce is just gorgeous. I know what you mean about the peas. I can't seem to plant enough of them.