Punkin Is, Uh... Fat...

So, this is Punkin...
Punkin used to always be a slim 7 pounds, just like her brother and sister. She now weighs about 9... I know because I weighed myself, then weighed again while holding Punk... a gain of 2 pounds a lot for a little kitty... Any suggestions on how to get her to slim down without starving the other two? When she was an only child, it was easy to just set out her allotted food for the day, and when it was gone, it was gone. She just had to deal with it. I tried to get her to play with her laser pointer, but uh, she was just kind o moving her front feet around. Oliver loved it of course, but he isn't the one with a weight problem. Actually he could probably stand to gain a pound. Oy vay... It isn't easy to tell your child she's fat....


  1. 9 lbs is not alot for a cat. Average cat is 9-14 lbs. My 6 yrs old boy Midnight is 18 lbs but he's also a large cat length wise. As long as Punkin plays and stays active you have nothing to worry about.

  2. Fluffy, not fat!!
    Says the woman who had an immense cat that looked like it had eaten a basketball.
    I wish I could help ya, but I can't. I think it's and individual cat kind'a thing. Evil Kitty is slim & trim, Susan is just a wee-bit on the "husky" side but in no means overweight, and Crackers USED to be fat, but she's losing weight in her old age and I wish I could get some weight back on her.
    Wish ya luck, whatever you figure out, let us know!

    1. Yeah.... I will just have to let it ride I guess... I wish she was just "fluffy."

  3. Carol, I accidentally hit "delete" instead of "publish" in my email of your comment. Whoops! Anyways, wow, 18 pounds is a lot! At least he is the snuggly one... My skinny one is the snuggly one. It isn't totally fun snuggling with a boney kitty...

  4. I wouldn't worry either, unless is continues or there's other health issues?