The New Ladies Of the Homestead

Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche went into retirement off in the country to eat bee-killing moths and snakes and bugs and mice and grass and whatever come along. Chicken Man Kevin was super-duper nice. I kind of was doubting this whole, I will let your chickens live thing, until he said "Wow, you raised really nice birds. Do you want me to pay you for them?" I said no, of course not since he was giving me 4 chickens and I gave him 3. I also bought some honey off of him. Oh, and he made fun of me when as I cried letting the Girls out of the plastic crates. Yeah, I am even crying as I type this. There is no way I could have eaten those Girls. Yeah, I am such a sissy!!!

Before you see the pictures, I have to tell you about this place. This guy is out in Oberlin (Im pretty sure only Allison will know where that is) and he has MANY acres, about 50 bee hives, 15 or so turkeys, and tons of chickens. They all just roam around free, eating bugs and scratching. It was soooooo cool. I hope to have a place like that some day. Only on a much, MUCH smaller scale. When I drove up, all the little chicks and growing chickens came flocking. And when I got out of the car, oh the peeping! So darn cute! Although once I got into the back yard, and REALLY saw the chickens, and they all came running over, mouths open, wings spread, it was kind of like getting swarmed by tons of miniature velocoraptors via Jurassic Park. 

So anyways, here are the new ladies of our little urban homestead (with no names)... A Barred Rock, RI Red, Easter Egger (I forgot the actual name for them), and a Golden Buff. The Buff is much littler than the others, but it was the biggest one he had. They seem to get along though. They are so little and cute!

Oh, and I also got one last picture of Blanche, doing what she did best... Eating eggs instead of laying them...


  1. Well, hello, little ladies! What a blessing that you found that man. Now you can rest easy, knowing you can spoil them rotten, but they will be able to return to a good home in their old age.

  2. LOl, why yes, I do know where Oberlin is ;)

    What a find! And I would have totally cried too letting the Golden Girls go! I will be interested to see how your golden buff lays for you since that is what we have.

  3. Hey, I would have cried too! Good luck with your new girls!