Something Other Than Groundhog Drama

Yes, he is still on the loose, but that is for another post. This one is all about rain. Or the lack of it. It hasn't rained in over 2 weeks... This is really getting unbearable. I blame it on the fact the we built rain barrels. Build it and they will come... Yeah, right. It should only be that easy.

You know how it is when you are only giving the garden hose water. Everything will stay alive, but nothing actually grows. As soon as the rain comes, everything shoots up like, 2 feet. I have a feeling that when it actually does rain, it will feel a lot like this clip from the Lion King, you know, when Simba returns to the pride and then everything is green and happy again? (Ok, for the record, my nephew recently made me sit down and watch this movie, so I cal recall every single detail of it)

Anyone out there know of a rain dance I can do???

Rain Update: I swear, not even an hour after I wrote this, it POURED. Not for long, but it cooled down outside, and stuff got wet. I will take it!


  1. So, what kind of rain dance did you end up doing? Whatever you did, PLEASE let me know; we've been without rain since April 13th I think, and then we only got less than an inch. Can you say "drought"?

  2. I just complained and moaned and then I got the grill outto make dinner, and then BAM rain. Just make plans to cook outside, and perhaps that will work?? But yeah Carolyn, no rain sucks big time!

  3. Wash your car and your windows, then it will rain:) Works for me...

  4. Amen Sister. Hose water just gets them through. We had only 1 inch in a month and FINALLY broke the pattern 2 weeks ago. The garden has double in size with the rain. We're still behind last year in my opinion.

  5. I wonder, ladies, whether it is due to the municipality water being unbearably chlorinated? Perhaps we ALL should install filters at the tap? Only idea I can come up with as to the reasoning.