A Reader's Question

I got an email from a reader named Jenna... She wants to know how will homemade laundry detergent will work in her hard water... I tried to do some research for her, but came up with varied results. Some people said to add more borax, some people said to add less... Does anyone have some tried and true experience to help her out? Thanks so much everyone, and I hope this helps you Jenna!

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  1. We have hard water here. It cakes up on the faucets and stuff. I make the dry laundry detergent with a bar of soap, 1/2 cup borax and 1/2 cup washing soda (but I make multiple batches at once). I haven't made any changes to that 'recipe' and it works great for me. It hasn't left any white marks on the clothes or anything. Hope that helps.