I'm Back!

Sorry about that short little hiatus. I was at work for 4 days, and yesterday I spent the day getting back to life. I wish I had some garden stuff to report, but nothing is really happening. The seedling are still growing underneath the lights, and the lettuce and broccoli still look exactly the same as when I planted them several weeks ago. The peas are growing so that is good. We FINALLY had some rain so hopefully that will get everything growing.

OH and we got a housemate. A part time one. She is a commuting flight attendant, so she will only need us when she has early check ins and has to come the Cleveland the night before, and vice versa when she gets home late from a trip and there are no more flights left to take. So really she will only be here 2 days a week. So that will definitely help us with the money situation. So anyways, welcome House Mate!

The cats are good, the chickens are good, hubby is good, I am good, nothing more to report... Pretty boring around here...

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