Farm Failures

It sure is pretty isnt it??? That is our farm... Well, not really a farm yet, but someday. However, we do plan on growing our squashes and pumpkins down there this year, alongside my father-in-law who grows sweet corn.

I actually have 2 farm failures to report on. A couple of weeks ago, I went down there with the intentions of having Hubby and his Dad, Tom, meet me the next day to mow and till, and get everything in order.

FAIL #1- The grass was soooooo dang tall, it could have been cut for round bales. Fail because there was no mower yet. Oyvay...

Update between fails - The grass got cut enough to plan out the new garden space, roughly 50x100 ft... I think... Maybe bigger.... I don't really know, but its friggin huge...

FAIL #2- Yesterday we went down there with the intentions of tilling and planting. The tiller just will NOT get through that sod. as you can see from the picture, we got a little bit done, but really it is just dirt covered grass. and that stripe is only about 5 feet wide. And it took over an hour. Oyvay....

So the last 2 times we have trekked down there, NOTHING has been accomplished. However, FIL Tom has been in contact with a guy with a tractor that will come and till up the ground this coming weekend, so that next weekend, I can go down there and finally plant my squashes and pumpkins.

SO THEN we had the brilliant idea that since we had nothing to do, we would go strawberry hunting. We saw a sign for strawberries, 3 miles. So we followed it. Down a dirt road, then on another dirt road, and then yet another dirt road. And we got to the little Amish lady's house with the strawberries. And she had some... for $3/container! I can get them for less than half that price at the market. Damn ploys getting us city folk all excited. So then we were so discouraged by the last 12 hours, that we just came home and now here we are. A couple of farming failures :(


  1. It's not a failure because squash and pumpkin season is just starting so you're not really behind. Hope you'll get a good tractor :)

  2. NEVER call it a failure! Although I'm guilty of the same.

    They are called "Learning Experiences". Not that it makes me feel any better, but at least I can say that it was an educational experience. Right? Right.

  3. I swear the hardest thing I've ever tried to do around here is stick a friggin shovel in the ground. Amazing how a tiller will just skim the surface isn't it?

    I won't be planting my winter squash and pumpkins until the beans are done..probably July at the pace things are growing. Slow, cool year so far. Supposed to heat up soon though. Look at it this way, maybe you'll miss the SVB's by planting so late!

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    1. Perhaps it wants you to use no-tillage practices. :)