Update on Oliver

Oli dude is doing just fine! He only ended up with one tooth needing pulled, as he was actually missing many on the right side. We are having a little problem with his antibiotic. It is a liquid that I just squirt in his mouth, so no pill drama. But he can't seem to keep it down. Today I experienced my first drive by puking. Seriously. The Dude started in the dining room, was chasing a stuffed mouse, and puked all the way across the living room. And without even missing a beat, he was right back to wrestling his mouse. Oy vay.... It's a good thing I was Spring cleaning today...

So anyways, about the medicine. I spoke with the vet and he told me mix the medicine with his food to make sure he isn't taking it on an empty tummy. But based on how much stuff came out of him during his drive by, he surely did not have an empty tummy this morning. Guess I will just have to see how it goes tonight... Ick...

**Post Update update... I mised the medicine with wet food, and Oliver gave me a snear... Yeah, I know he isn't that stupid, but I did try what the vet said....


  1. Drive by puking, that's funny!

  2. Oy. Kitties can be very hard to get their medicine. I prefer to squirt and just hold them for few minutes making sure it stays inside.

  3. Although I haven't actually witnessed a Drive by puking, it obviously occurs here because there are sometimes long lines of catbarf on the floor, as if it were laid out by a conveyor belt or something. Glad Oliver is doing better. Good luck with the meds!