New Bed

We decided that since we only ever use one of the two compost bins, we should dismantle one and build a new raised bed. It will measure 6x4 feet, and will make my garden planning a whole lot easier. Everything is easier with more space! I am super excited about it. We are going to make it fairly tall, either 16 or 20 inches as it will be sitting on top of a concrete slab. Have any of you built a bed on top of concrete? How did that go for you?

I'm really hoping to be able to plant beans and lettuces in that bed, so hopefully we will have the bed up and running in the next few weeks.... 


  1. Very nice bed! And since it's mostly compost you should have fabulous harvest from it. Even if it's on concrete beans and salads don't have large roots so they'll be just fine in there. Only with tomatoes or sunflowers I'd worry about roots.

  2. Like Jenny said, I wouldn't plant veggies with deep roots. Never planted a raised bed on concrete so can't really help you there. I would wonder about the drainage though. Hmmmmmm.

  3. I've built on concrete, it didn't turn out well for me. Drainage was a huge issue causing root rot, so perhaps allow for that with a liner, and a lot of holes poked on the sides to allow for horizontal drainage? Concrete staining after the failed bed was removed.

    Good luck!

  4. We took a rented jackhammer, twice, at 2 different houses, to open up some space. Worked great! I'm a master gardener and I think drainage would be a problem...