Its Time for Permadirt

You know permadirt... That permanent dirt that is stuck under your fingernails even after you have scrubbed them with a toothbrush. Here are my fingers after today...
They aren't too bad. After all, it was only one day of planting. So today I got my blueberries planted!!! I was going to order them after being so disappointed with the selection at the big box store. But today I went to a different Big Box store and they had an AMAZING selection. And nice big plants, not those piddly little sticks you get at Home Depot. Holy cow, I just planted them, and I can't remember the names. One was for sure Earliblue... I did not get a Jersey... Maybe one was Hardiblue? yeah, thats it... easrliblue and hardiblue... I got a third variety, but it really has left me. I still have to mulch them and add some coffee grounds...
I also got my lettuces and broccoli planted. I have 4 varieties of lettuce outside, and of course I will have to get back to you with the names. The broccoli I know for sure are DeCicco and a purple sprouting variety which I am sure is just called Purple Sprouting Broccoli. We also got the chicken wire fencing up to keep the Girls out of the planted beds. 
 I have been slowly getting the beds amended with compost and peat moss to lighten it up... You can totally see which ones have and haven't been done..... The nice dark dirt will be great for my veggies! And wow, it sure is nice to be able to take aerial photos without having that huge pile of junk in the way. The Girls really love pooping on the concrete too.... 


  1. Looks amazing TG...You really HAVE been working hard. Permadirt? Never heard of that. I like it. Either that or a reverse french manicure. You know black instead of white?

  2. Tami - Ha! I love that... reverse french. You know you will totally be using permadirt now :) And thanks! I have been working my butt off trying to make it all beautiful for the Garden Show coming up in July. Hopefully all my veggies will be in and growing by then!

  3. I think you should coin the term Permadirt! And your garden is looking mighty fine :)

  4. PERMADIRT! LOVE THAT~~ everything looks amazing Pea Pod

  5. I love it - Permadirt! I will have to remember that the next time my hubby remarks on my nails!

    The beds look great. It is amazing how much a little compost and peat moss can change a bed.

  6. Looks fantastic!