Garlic Question

I should say garlic scape question. Last fall, I planted 3 hardneck (Persian Star, German Extra Hardy, Chesnock Red) varieties and 1 softneck (Lorz Italian). I am seriously looking forward to scapes. Where the hell are they??? Organic Gardening says that they should appear in late spring to early summer... Well, I am getting impatient!!! Does any one have any actual advice as to when I should expect them?

I guess not really knowing what to expect makes me expect things early.. ALSO is anyone else having trouble with blogger NOT uploading your pictures in the correct direction? Like uh, it will NOT let me upload these pictures right side up, even though they are corrected when I save them. WTF??
right side up

wrong side up

wrong side up picture


  1. Scapes are the flower of the garlic. They come up as a solid shaft in the middle of pretty well established leaves. It is kinda early for them...at least another month I would think. I am in upstate NY, and you are not too far off in zone, (I don't think.).When they DO come, they come pretty fast, so keep a watch. I can't tell if I see one in the bottom picture...but I try to click on it to biggify, and no luck...perhaps if you try a close up of one or two plant tops, I can let you know...

  2. They'll come up in late May - June time when it gets hot and they bolt into flowers. That's when you want to snip them off so the bulb can form properly instead of going into seed.

  3. I'm glad you asked the question. We planted garlic for the first time this year too. Ours looks pretty much the same as yours.

  4. I usually only get under 5 scapes out of 100 or so bulbs planted...I've been selecting my bulbs for 5 years now and have my non scaping variety going strong...the ones that do scape do so in mid June...good luck! they can be used just like you'd use garlic or onion...just chop them up...or you can pickle them like dilly beans.