Damn You Mother Nature

So now I am paying for all of those lovely days spent outside over the last few weeks. I am sick. Ugh.... Like, hacking, mucus-y, sniffly, feverish, achy sick. It sucks. So today I will be spending the other part of my weekend off laying on the couch, eating soup and drinking ginger ale and tea, catching up on blogs, watching bad movies, and snuggling with the kitties. Oh, and I had to miss breakfast with BFF Steph, and I will also miss dinner out (at a new place!) celebrating birthdays. Damn you Mother Nature for making this Spring so screwy!

And it isn't just this house. Everyone seems to be sick. My sister has bronchitis, Baby Shelby has an ear infection and has to get tubes, and Grady has a double ear infection and pink-eye. Poor little kids... Poor Momma! She has to deal with sick kiddos while being sick. Oy Vay!


  1. Try some vitamin D every day. I take 2000 ius daily, and don't get many infections much anymore. And lots of chicken soup too :) Get well

  2. Poor you! I don't know how you do it anyway always traveling like you do. I ALWAYS get sick after being in a plane. ALWAYS! Ugh! And you have to go back to work tomorrow? Sick Day Baby!

  3. Hope you and everyone else in the family feels better soon. We went through that in Jan/Feb and it was no picnic :(

  4. Thanks Everyone! At this point, I think I am feeling better than I sound (and look I'm sure).

    Nancy - I too am heavy on the vitamins. I usually only get sick once or twice a year. My poor sister and her kids are chronic. I feel so bad for them!

    Tami - I think I have built up my tolerance to germs. We just got some new hires in our base, and they are already sick. I can remember when I first started flying, I was sick alllllll the time. It's not so bad now. It is more about preventive care :)

    Jenny - Thanks! I am sure ocne this weather breaks everyone will be better. And yeah, it sure is no fun at all!