Woah, This is What a Weekend Feels Like?

I am off! For a whole weekend! Well, now, I didn't get it so easily. I came home on the red eye from Vegas this morning, and got home around 630, then slept until 10, so really, I did work. But holy cow! I am off the rest of the day, AND tomorrow! Today, it is kind of crappy and cold out, so today I think I will make chicken stock and bake some warm and cozy goodies. What will those be? I haven't decided yet....  I also will clean. With 3 kitties shedding their winter hair, I can ALWAYS do some cleaning. What do you normal people do on weekends???


  1. Me Too!!!

    I don't think I've had two waking hours here at the house the past few days. I just got home from work at noon and looking around seeing all the crap that needs doing, well...sitting at the computer, taking a nap later sounds good to me. Everything can wait till tomorrow. I'm plumb tuckered out. Enjoy your cookies!

  2. Well, not sure if I'd be considered "normal" (as if YOU were), but we did weeding, barn cleaning, dozing, and the usual. Although we did do something special; went into the "big" town today for an easter egg hunt. It was pretty scary. So many kids (with their very rude parents), all of them practically pushing others out of the way just so they could get their kids baskets filled to the brim. I swear, it looked like a swarm of locusts when they said "GO". (I stood by the sidelines while DH took DD in). At least she got ONE egg! :)

  3. I don't know how normal we are, but... laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping, this time of year- yard work, home repairs, getting 2 new chicks soon...