Some Goins On

There are some goins on in the lot behind us. I do believe they are building a house. Which kind of sucks because now we will lose our little lake view and Hubby and I had always thought about buying it to expand our yarden.

This also means that there will be a new house full of people able to look into our bedroom which brings me to my problem. Our bedroom windows are naked. This has never been a problem before because we have the tallest house on the street, so no direct neighbor window access, and also, no one ever open their blinds in the house behind us. SO NOW there are always men and machines back there, and soon there will be MORE people back there. So unless they are all fine and dandy with seeing our naked keisters from time to time, I should probably figure out how to dress my windows. Here is the problem....

I would do some sort of blinds, but I don't want all kinds of strings hanging down into the staircase. Aside from the obvious visual messiness, Punkin has a track record of falling off the banister and down to the first floor so I wouldn't want anything hanging that she would try to jump at and subsequently fall down the stairs... I would do those electric ones, but those are freakin expensive.... Any ideas from you all???

The big bank of windows in our bedroom

which are also directly above the staircase
Men and Machines
On a side note about all this... Perhaps the Bastard Groundhog will have a desire to move to quieter and less shaky ground and stay away from my yarden... Maybe??


  1. How about just using those sticky-thingies that go over the glass, like fake stained glass or just foggy tinted stuff? How's that for a pathetic description? They have them at the Home Depot or Lowe's here in po-dunk hillbillyville, so I'm sure you've got them at your bigbox stores.

    Or just continue walking around buck-nakid and you'll have quite the following! :)

  2. I don't have a lot of coverings for my windows either! I love the sun. You have some amazing windows over your staircase! I'd just frost the windows. At least you'll still have daylight.

    Nice to find your blog by the way! I'm looking forward to following it.

  3. How about some rice paper shades, or fabric roman shades? Or something else sheer and just leave them down? That would be a great place to start seeds!