It's Time! It's Time!

SEEDS! It is time to sow SEEDS! Tonight I planted my onions! 10-12 weeks before the last frost. I bet you can guess which end of the spectrum I was on with that one... 12 weeks please! I got 144 seeds done. 36 each of Ailsa Craig, Noordhollandse-Bloedrode, Yellow of Parma, and Leeks... I don't remember off the top of my head what kind of leeks, but lets just say a leek in general. Husband asked, uh where are you putting all of these? I said in the future blueberry patch next to the porch and stairs after I relocate the tulips and irises of course! Next I will have to figure out where to put the onions when I plant blueberries... Oyvay...

The other day, the weather was pretty nice. Cool and sunny. I let the Girls out to get some sun and do some chickeny type stuff while I cleaned out their coop and put down fresh bedding because well, it stunk like chicken, and let me tell you, they were loving the freedom! I seriously could watch those ladies sprint and dig for hours! If only I could get them to till up the beds instead of the walkways, life would be peachy!
Onions on the top shelf to keep them away from Punkin, The Plant-Eating-She-Devil
Blanche's feathers are all grown in now, and I have a hard time telling her apart from Rose.... Even her comb is back to a nice normal red color instead of a weird pale pink. AND she doesn't limp anymore! Hopefully she will start laying normal eggs....

**I know I will be hearing from Carolyn Renee on this one... Yes I know, I am a crazed lunatic cowered over my seeds like they are crack... ssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddssss. However, the twitches are gone!


  1. Love the seeds time! I just did another batch as well - celery, more spinach, letuce and broccoli and this weekend I'll add onions too!

  2. Today was supposed to be MY seed planting day!! But NOOOOOOOOO. I have to contend with thirty pounds of pork fat right now (yes, now, at 10:30 at night).

    Tomorrow will be the day. Tomorrow I tell you!!!!

    Seeeedddssss..... SEEEEEEEEEDDSSS!!!!

  3. I did onion seeds about a month ago and they're not doing much yet.

    I did buy sets and hope to plant the onions and peas THIS weekend outside in the raised beds.

    Na na na-Nah na na....!