Are Those.... Tulips?!

Ok... Remember this post last March when my tulips starting sprouting up and showing me that Spring really was coming??? Yeah, I do too... That post was March 1st. On February 1st, my tulips starting showing up. A full FOUR WEEKS ahead of last year. What does it all mean???

Perhaps everything will start sprouting, and then we will go in to a late deep freeze sometime this month, and this Tiny Gardener will surely be punished. Or perhaps nothing will happen. And spring will just come early...

All I know for sure is that this gardener is really confused. However, The Golden Girls are really enjoying the sunshine....

Is anyone else having early signs of Spring or is as confused as I????


  1. I am not liking this weather! I am afraid our orchard trees are going to bloom, them be hit with a late frost and then we'll have no apples :(

  2. Does corn sprouting under the stairs count? :)

  3. Yep, we've got daffodils that are all greened up (no flowers yet), and buds galore on the fruit trees. Just hoping that we don't get a hard freeze now!

  4. Everything is sprouting here, too. Fingers crossed for no late freezes.

  5. I have lots of bulb greens coming up everywhere! It's definitely startling! It's way too early!