Trying to Satisfy My Itch

So, for Christmas (I am going to assume as kind of a gag gift?) my FIL got me this silly little Chia herb garden in a box. Well, to try and satisfy my itch for planting anything I tossed the "dirt sponge" and herb seeds into a few pots I keep in the kitchen. We will see if they grow, or if they were like, 5 year old seeds that had been sitting around for only gawd knows how long.... I planted basil, chives, and cilantro. I also had some old cat grass seeds that I tossed into a pot for the kitties.

Speaking of kitties, I found some old catnip laying around, and tossed a little on the floor for Punkin and Charlotte.... They are acting like they are on crack. Cat crack. It. Is. AWESOME. The pictures don't really tell the whole story.... Punk doesn't really eat it and go nuts as much as she goes nuts about rolling around in it. It really is the cutest and funniest thing ever!


  1. wowza! so that is what it took to get little Charlotte front and center, some kitty krack.... awesome

  2. I always get a kick out of my catnip crazed cats...they're freaking hysterical!

    Like your blog. Love baker Creek Seeds.
    Oh yeah--and I LOVE kale chips!!!!
    In fact, it's January's end in Illinois and I'm still eating kale from my garden.

  3. Akannie, Welcome to my blog! Thanks for following! I love kale too! Why does everyone go all barf faced on me?!

    Momma, I know right?! She is a pain...

  4. I tell you who else loves catnip; high school kids! They're daft enough, trust me.

    By the by, kale rocks!