Seed Order

OMG OMG OMG!!! The time has come for seed ordering! I ordered mine this year from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I still have several varieties of things still around from last year from Johnny's and Seed Savers Exchange. I ordered $75 worth of goodies. I swear this time of year almost beats Christmas. ALMOST.

Hubby and I got the seed starting shelf up and running. I bought a new shelf this year, as my old one is currently occupied in the kitty closet holding my canning goods as well as canned goods and kitty food and litter and all sorts of other stuff. That is what happens when you only have ONE closet in your entire house. Anyways, this shelf is bigger than the one last year (4 whole feet wide!) and will properly accommodate my lights. It is wide enough to hold them, and we can move the lights up and down as far as we want! It is awesome!

I did promise Hubby I wouldn't go all, well, stupid and start my seeds too early. Last year they got too leggy and most of them died. I ended up buying plants at the farmers market. NOT good for my budget. What that means is that when I am in my office doing lots and lots of homework, I will be staring at my empty seed shelf, I will have a yearning to plant... But I will resist for 4 more weeks.... 4 WHOLE WEEKS. Ok, maybe 6... UGH!!!

The room is a little messy right now, but it's so awesome, I had to share!


  1. You're tempting yourself, aren't you?!

  2. So tell us which seeds you ordered :) I need to hurry up and make my descions and get mine ordered too. I have some from Bakers Creek on my list.

  3. I bought my main batch of seeds last month but I'm already looking at more. Even SM is browsing through and making suggestions.

    This year I SWORE I wouldn't plant too early with my starts. I'm waiting until the end of March for a May 1st-15th planting. Everything got too long and leggy last year. My kitchen looked like I was growing "weed". I was afraid I'd be "busted" at any moment by the cops looking in my windows.

    I am going to start onions seeds (experiment) and the casabannana soon though...

  4. Jodi, I swear it is like being an alcoholic working at a liquor store... Really, I do this to myself...

    Allison, Next post! I promise! I had to hurry and order, as some of the stuff I wanted was already sold out.

    Tami, Ya gotta love men and their suggestions :) I did the same thing last year, and with the set up I had going (total hot mess looking thing) I totally looked like an underground pot grower. Even some of my friends who know I am a gardener thought, WTF is she doing in there?! And what is a casabannana?

  5. Casabanana? Is that when you decide to eat it indoors?

  6. Ha! Casabanana is a tropical melon type thingy. BC had it offered so I thought I'd take a shot at it.