Ok, WTF is With This Weather?!

Ok... Today we hit a high of 55. That is WARM. It is JANUARY! This weather is really freakin me out! It is currently down to 46 and stupid windy. That is how windy it is... Truly, it is stupid. The chicken run cover, aka my tarp, blew off and is being held down by flower pots. The Golden Girls are running around the run like, well, chickens with their heads cut off. I don't think this weather is very healthy for my garlic either. The bed with softneck garlic has sprouted. I covered it with yet MORE straw to keep it from freezing when it gets cold again.

Tonight, it is supposed to rain storm/snow storm and get ridiculously cold and then continue being flippin cold (like, in the 20's for a high) for several days. Now, I revert back to my title, WTF is with this weather?!?!?

Although, as the saying goes in Cleveland, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes..."

And by the way, Farmer's Almanac totally predicted this FYI. I love that thing.


  1. I am with you. We've barely had two inches of snow all year and haven't been below zero yet. WTF? Exactly. :) Just makes me wonder what's to come....

  2. Found it actually nice. After all, had to take the last few days off because of snow on the ground. Today between a break of rain and oncoming snow-ish like weather, managed to finish double-digging the other half of the front yard garden bed I wasn't able to get to before it snowed.

    "Wait 5 minutes" .... I was actually thinking of that earlier today. When I would spend the majority of the year on the road all across the US flying/doing the aerial mapping bit I used to do, every place I went to some local would mention, "heh heh heh, Here in "insert anywhere" if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes.


  3. Haha! Love that pic! So appropriate for Seattle too. The great snow dump that was due to hit hear put the city in a spin, schools closed, buses in snow-chains all for 2in...bahaha! now all gone and blue sunny day! WTF is so right! Enjoy your "Swinter" Cheers Julia

  4. I'm in Dayton, Ohio so I know what you mean! I woke up to thunderstorms and 53 degrees and I go to bed tonight to snow showers. So weird. No wonder people are getting sick!


  5. this weather is crazy.... just put your winter gear away until oh.. May.... hmmm

    REALLY? is someone trying to get our attention? or... uh...

  6. We're having the same weather here. Last night at 11:00 PM our thermometer read 52 outside. I better check on our garlic. Maybe ours is sprouting too.