My Trip To The Big Fancy Organic Store

Recently, we had a new organic grocery store open in our area, Earth Fare. It almost exactly like Whole Foods. It was neat. I don't go into these type of stores very often simply because there isn't one very close to me. But now, there is. I went in on my home from work in search of barley malt powder which I need for a bread recipe, but they didn't have it. I also went in with my grocery list in mind.

The only thing I actually purchased were rolled oats from the bulk bin section and soy sauce. The rolled oats were pretty cheap (89 cents per pound) and the soy sauce was on sale. Everything else, I know I can get cheaper at the regular grocery store. It was fun to see something new, and find a place I can get cheap oats, especially now that I am making our own granola bars (oh no! I gave away Oven Lovin Saturday!) and Hubs eats quite a bit of oatmeal now that it is cold outside.

Do you all have a fancy organic store? What do you think?


  1. I love this type store, especially the bulk bins you got the oats from. You can usually find a lot of types of dried beans and grains you can't find elsewhere.

  2. Occassionaly I travel the 30 minutes from my house to the Mustard Seed in Fairlawn for a few things and they just open an Earth Fare right down the road from it. I have yet to go in it though.

    Like you say, I know I can get a lot of things cheaper elsewhere, so long as I know how to shop for them :)

  3. hmmm.. for oven lovin saturday... it is going to be BREAD yipeeeeeeee have not made BREAD in years! (just the plain ole white hillbilly bread - not the really cool fancy stuff like you make)

    HUGS (that store looks very cool)

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  5. I've never, ever been in one. I'd LIKE to, but we've never lived that close to one. I'd love to check out the bulk bins, I've heard great things about those, similar to what you said.

  6. Ron, thanks for following!

    Tony, Yeah, I saw some things that I haven't seen before, and I intend to go back. I was still in my work uniform, and was eager to get going. Next time, it is bulk all the way!

    Allison, Where are you? Close to Cleveland?

    Tina, if you are ever anywhere near a store like this, or a Whole Foods, it is pretty neat. I don't think they will ever get me as a "regular," but I will make the occasional trip