My OCD-Ness

Ok, I love my chickens, even Blanche who NEVER lays an edible egg. But. Why do they have to be so messy!? I am deep into spring cleaning mode since I have no garden to tend to, and today with the warm weather, I cleaned out the run and gave the girls dry straw and shavings. I miss the days where my garden paths were green and clean, and now they are covered in mud and straw. How do you fellow urbanites keep your yardens (yard/garden) neat and tidy??? It's driving me nuts!


  1. I don't. I was just complaining to my husband that our house looks abandoned, the front yard is in such a mess. I'm hoping for a bit of warm weather to get out there and make it presentable! The back is just about as bad, as the dead vines (beans and morning glory) and flower stalks (zinnias) are still standing. At least we're the only ones looking at that.

  2. The only thing that works in winter is ... (big surprise) snow! That's why I don't mind a nice few inches of the stuff until it's warm enough to grow grass.