Eating More Locally Than I thought!

It is always an awesome feeling when you find out that a place you love to shop gives you even more reasons to love them. Besides beef, which comes from Row Family Farmers down in my hometown (about 90 miles away), we also are chicken and pork consumers. We purchase these products at The West Side Market, just a mere 10 minute bike ride away, at a stand called D.W. Whitakers. I love these people. Not only does the meat come from Ohio farms, it is raised humanely without chemicals and the animals are real farm animals. No CAFO's here! They are always friendly, always nicely priced, and eager to answer any questions one might have. I go here almost every week religiously.

The market recently started a series of videos about "meeting the vendors." D.W. Whitakers was first on the list!


  1. I am jealous! I wish I was only 10 minutes away from the WSM ... I am more like 60ish in a car :(

  2. Great little video! Makes me wish I was there. I love what he says about big companies trying to be Mom & Pop suppliers...

  3. I get all my pork from a local farm. It's a few miles away, and you walk past the pigs to get to the shop!

    I don't think I could ever enjoy generic pork again!