Chicken Shelter

Now, most people would create a shelter for their hens BEFORE it snows... Not in this house! I got out this morning before the snow REALLY starting falling, and covered most of the chicken run with a tarp so that the Golden Girls would be able to spread their legs a little and not be so, uh, cooped up. Man, it must really suck to be a chicken in the winter. We also got the heat lamp installed (on a timer too! thanks goodness it was the time of year when everyone was putting up Christmas lights) so that the Girls would be nice and toasty, at least in retrospect of the coldness outside. Its all a little ghetto, but whatever. It works.

I must say, my new coveralls are F&%$ING AMAZING! I only had a tshirt, sweat pants, and hoodie on underneath while doing my chores, and when I got done, I was sweating my butt off! By far, the most practical and most used gift so far (except possibly the gift of everlasting beef). Love them!


  1. the news here rpts that you all are buried in snow this am..... good thing you have those coverals, and uh... snow shovel.. haha

  2. Hey whatever works! You gotta take care of your golden girls. It's so cold today our chickens didn't even leave their perches before I left for work. I don't know how they endure the freezing temps, but they seem to make it alright. We use a light too, it runs from 4 -8 am. They get a full 12 hours of light that way, and it keeps them warmer during the coldest part of the night. Lots and lots of hay as litter seems to help too. They love scratching through the layers.