When we woke up this morning, it was a grand high temp of 9. NINE! Holy cow that's cold! The back yard is starting to get more and more sun as we move towards Spring. Slowly... Anywho, my chicken light timer seems to be on the fritz, as we have it set to go on and off a few times a day to keep the Girls warm. But uh, it's not going on... or off... So I have to get my lazy butt outside in the cold and turn it on. Grrrrr.... Or should I say Brrrr???

I seem to have come up with a better way to hold down the run cover/tarp. I put the picnic table up against it, and then my empty rain barrels up against that so hopefully if we get another Twister-type windstorm, The girls won't freak out too badly.

Oh, and Carolyn? The Gardener of Eden planted her first flat... *twitch twitch*


  1. You could always amuse yourself by pretending the inverted table is a growing plant... :) Looks dangerous though, might hurt myself. When I saw 2F last night I understood well why the furnace is looking at me disdainfully that it has to put in overtime.

    I say throw caution to the wind, get some really strong cfl lights and just grow indoors :) do it, do it.....

  2. Wow, that table kind of makes me look a little ghetto... Maybe I should go take care of that??

  3. Nah, at least the wind won't blow it over. I like this angle on your garden. Whenever you take this angle it puts the big picture into my head again for your other posts.

  4. Did you get your really strong CFLs set up yet?? :)

    I'm going to go out tomorrow and grab a few more impressive lights for these peppy sprouts along with the lumber to build the 'fencing' idea.

    Finding myself much more enamored with the garlic coming up than the lettuce. I know just the place to put them too.... *mischievous giggle*

  5. Ghetto chickens! Dem some tough biddies, no 'coon or 'possum gon'na mess with chicks!

    Now off to check Garden of Eden's blog. my eye is already starting to twitch

  6. Brrr. Cold, cold, cold. No more complaints about my 30-something temps here. Maybe just leave the heat on so you don't have to go out?