Another Warm Spell

Which I am totally OK with! The snow and ice on the driveway was melted, and the roads are clear for running.

So, with this being a gardening blog and all, I usually am out of stuff to talk about between January and March except the weather and cooking. I don't have a winter garden area yet, so I am looking forward to the days where I am lovingly tending to seedlings inside, chasing the cats away from them, and planning where everything will go. I plan on ordering my seeds in the next couple of weeks and classes start again soon, so hopefully this only lasts a couple of weeks...

What do you have going on in winter? Anyone else starting to feel the blues and boredom?


  1. It's driving me NUTS waiting to order & start seedlings! I made the mistake of starting too early last year & a lot of the seedlings got too leggy & had too much time in the peat pots so they didn't do so well.

  2. I did the same thing! Last year, I started about 30 tomato plants, and planted exactly 3 of them. They all got SUPER leggy and didn't do well at all. I ended up buying plants. What a waste! I will not not my impatience get the better of me this year!