My Week in Review

No garden happenings... No, that is a lie... I got the 2012 Johnny's catalog! My first issue of garden porn this year! I love it! I have been pouring over it, over and over, and starting to circle things I want...

Work was fine this week, except when I lost my badge... Just in case you are wondering, you cannot work as a flight attendant without the appropriate identification! So, here I am, sitting in my hotel room in Newark, NJ just waiting for the morning so I can go replace my badge and rejoin my crew on Saturday morning... Oh yeah, I will have to call my supervisor tomorrow so she can "discipline" me for being human and making a mistake... I don't so much care about that part as much as I care about the poor stew who had to replace me for 2 days or how I feel like I abandoned my crew, even if only by accident. The really sad part? I know exactly where my badge is... It is on the plane that went to Cleveland from Newark at 6pm... Ugh...

What else? Not much really... I hope everyone has a post for Oven Lovin Saturday! I have mine all ready to go! I really hope this takes off!

So in conclusion, I leave everyone with another cute cat picture... This would be Punkin and Chicken Stalker...


  1. OOOOOO!!! Has Chicken-Stalker officially joined the family?

  2. haha, no... She was sitting outside of the window, and Punkin was inside... I don't think she will want to join us, she just runs away! And I don't think Hubby would be too happy if I brought yet ANOTHER cat home... Let's just call her our unofficial cat-daughter (as long as she doesn't eat my chickens)