Chicken Stalker Has A Posse

I talked to Hubby today, just as usual to talk about the day, work, etc... He informed me that Chicken Stalker has some friends. He said that when he went upstairs to get dressed for work, there were a few cats in the driveway. Then when he got upstairs and looked out the window, there were 7 or 8 cats lined up along the fence watching the chickens. Chicken Stalker was sitting inside a roll of chicken wire (don't you love how if a cat hides it head, it thinks you can't see it?) So anyways, nothing big happened... He went outside, chased the cats away, and put the Girls back into their (totally covered) pen. and then went to work. So yeah... now we have a Bastard Groundhog, Chicken Stalker, and now her Posse.... Oy!

I wish I had some photos for you, but uh, my work schedule is just not allowing me to be home for more than 1 day at a time (and it is starting to take a toll on my sanity.)

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  1. Even being a self-proclaimed crazy-cat-lover, I'd have to admit that seven or eight cats hanging around the chicken pen could pose a problem.